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happen, could it? ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. by the way, washington, we're on to you and we're keeping an eye on what you're doing on thursday. i wouldn't miss tomorrow's episode. the hate is flowing in america. especially in arizona. oh, it's like do you remember from "ghost busters" i think it was "ghostbuster ii." there it is. the river of slime oozing underneath the surface infecting everything. hate boiling up. well, here is how representative jared pollis described the mood in arizona. arizona law is like nazi germany. it's absolutely reminiscent of second class status of jews in germany. prior to world wire ii when they had -- world war ii when they had to show their papers and had them with them all the time and suspect to routine inspections at the suspicious of being jewish. i fear arizona is headed for a police state. boy, i'm glad somebody said it! arizona sure is putting the a-z in "nazi" aren't they? i hate to rain on the hate parade, but can we slow down just a second here? and ask you're out of your mind. am i alone in that? you are out of your mind! are you comparing t
to testify later this afternoon. >>> meanwhile, halfway across the country in the heartland of america, president obama is kicking off his main street tour. the president making stops in three iowa cities. all have unemployment rates hovering around 10%. we'll hear from the president in about ten minutes. he's in ft. madison. we'll bring you his comments live. see the folks waiting there for the president. >>> we begin with the much anticipated testimony of a star witness at a heated senate hearing on the financial meltdown. the ceo of wall street giant goldman sachs lloyd blankfein is due to appear a little bit later today. other top goldman executives have been facing tough questioning from senators for hours now. >> do you think you contributed -- your actions contributed to the financial downturn that we experienced in 2008? >> do i think my personal actions did? >> goldman sachs's. >> you know, i don't know. i'd like to think about that and respond to you. i haven't thought about that specifically. >> you haven't thought about it? another key witness today, goldman whiz kid trader
negative. the global standing of america is in the words of the polling company's chairman, clearly on the rise. obviously it's the obama effect. people like our president. in fact, he's the most popular leader in the world. so what are we going to do with this renewed world leadership? one thing we should do is lead. tonight we had james cameron on the show. he gave us the most successful movie in history which tells what the people of this planet have exploited it so badly, abused its natural resources to the breaking point, then head to other worlds to find the means of sustaining life. it's what happens when mankind abuses the habitat in which he was born. a half century ago an american statesman addressed this very issue, quote, we travel together, passengers on a little space ship dependent on its reserves of air and soil, all committed for our safety to its security and peace, preserved from annihilation only by the care, the work, and i will say, the love we give our fragile craft. that was adlai stevenson the american ambassador the to the united nations speaking in geneva
a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools, we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. ♪ >>> in the mail bag tonight, the confrontational and new immigration reform law. acing among other things that allow the police to stop and question anybody that they think mite be in this country illegally. while some worry about profiling, arizona has the area. i think that the larger issue is one of arizona's right to develop their own means to deal with these unique immigration problems. given that the federal laws are not in focus. and probably the federal laws, they were enforced. there would be no need for the arizona legislation. and those who are not in the country legally, always cried discrimination when asked for i.d. and mark from frederick maryland, says bravo, arizona. i applaud arizona for this and hope other states will follow. the only way that it will be an issue for the law enforcement officers that are abusing their authority. if they are found to be doing
of south carolina. senator graham carries the flag for the america envisioned by the founding fathers. jefferson and madison would like this senator. he honors the institutions of our republic. kpimpllyfys republican government as it was meant to be. good faith negotiation, finally, just as important, action. we debate, find agreement, we act. i've watched senator graham on any number of issues since he came to congress on an impressive number of occasions. he's been the indispensable lawmaker. accepts his oath to make the best possible laws for this country of wide opinion and patriotic passions. worked for the past year to find a bill that would meet america's current and near-term energy needs and also the need for renewals down the road and shown courage to offer prudent concern for co 2 emissions. deal in a realistic way of people living and working in the country illegally but also insists on a system preventing the hires of illegal immigrants. comprehensive reform, joined by john kerry and joe lieberman elected as an independent, what good americanism looks like. graham recentl
in a bipartisan manner, to engage all spectrum stakeholders to assure america keeps pace with the coming mobile revolution. the plan would stop universal service fund from subsidizing multiple competitors. would reform, inner carrier compensation, would increase spectrum flexibility and have some interesting ideas on maximizing infrastructure utilization. i look forward to learning more about these recommendations and many other contained in the national broadband plan during this hearing and coming weeks an months. just one last comment on the comcast versus fcc decision. this is clearly had a major impact on the future of our country's broadband policy. the d.c. circuit correctly, in my view upheld the view that the fcc does not have the unfettered power to regulate the internet. i hope that the commission will continue its successful light touch approach as was described by my colleague senator hutchison. to the internet and will now abandon what i believe was a mis-hit guided pursuit of net neutrality regulations. so i look forward to hearing from the chairman how he think the decision will
of shocks me when there is no outcry in america to news stories like this one over the weekend. the u.s., the u.s. is preparing to pivot from domestic regulatory reform to push for a new tough international capital regime. what does that mean? oh, new international capital regime. that's a bubble government. you know, a new world order for your money. we're talking about the foundation of international financial regulations and global governing. hmm. what happens if i don't like that global government? how do i vote them out? where are all the taxes go? who is getting that tax money? it's a trial balloon, gang. and i can't believe how quiet it is. i mean when i was growing up, you were not that different. didn't we used to hate the idea -- didn't i remember reading some place about global government, really bad, like spooky bad? i'm not all for that global government thing. here in america this weekend, the response has been total silence. am i alone? i got up this morning i even heard the republicans were all for this one. wow! how does that happen? oh, i remember. it's the evil gree
the president back in iowa. it's not just about 2012. the democrats have a problem in rural america and as conservative marco rubio enters the race for a florida senate he steps into the discussion about immigration. >>> most of what you're about to hear will make you mad or annoyed, anyway. some of it isn't 100% family friendly either like this from senator levin from michigan to goldman sachs executives he believes knowingly sold bad investments to clients and undermined financial markets in the process. >> june 22 is the date of this e-mail. boy, that timber wolf was one [ bleep ] deal. how much of that [ bleep ] deal did you sell to your clients after june 22, 2007? >> mr. chairman, i don't know the answer to that. but the price would have reflected levels that they wanted to invest in at that time. >> but you didn't tell them you thought it was a [ bleep ] deal. >> no, i didn't say that. >> no. who did? your people internally. and that's what the e-mails show. >> the hearing putting congress against goldman sachs is one act. another is an all too familiar of partisan duel or bl
america's political system? did you watch the u.s. presidential debate? what did you think? >> it's kind of hard because i actually don't live in america. i think it's like -- it's just like here. you know, you get your chance to vote. you have your own say. like barack obama, he's a democrat like the labour party. and what was his name, the republican, john mccain, it's like the conservatives. so it's very similar. >> chairman and chief executive of medco health solutions, dave snow announced his company will benefit from the new u.s. health care bill this year. during his speech to the detroit economic club. medco is the largest u.s. pharmacy benefit manager and operates the largest u.s. mail order pharmacy. this is about 45 minutes. >> back in that period of time i was there like many of you and you felt that. and you experienced that. and not only on the east side of detroit but both my degrees coming from wayne state university, it all sort of touches. it's interesting, you know, when you look at the detroit economic club, it helps set the agenda when you look at that film of bringi
. a lot of presidents we're talking about today. of course, dick is the author of "2010, take back america." all right, dick, so it's a little confusing. larry summers worked for president clinton. now he works for president obama and somehow in the middle it's president bush's fault. >> well, they're going to rename the san andreas fault in california president bush's fault. both sides have merit here. the underlying responsibility for this crisis is clearly the policies of the clinton administration because they required the fannie mac and freddie mae, fannie mae and freddie mac, i got them mistransvestite there to upgrade and increase the number of lower income mortgages to 50% of their portfolio that could only be done by issuing mortgages with no down payment required and with very loose financial terms. and then during the bush administration, bush tried to regulate fannie mae and chris dodd and barney frank filibus r filibustered the bill or in the senate dodd did and stopped it from passing. on the other hand, once you had the poison of these bad mortgages in the system, the decis
.s. taxpayer and they call it capitalism and what they're doing is stealing america's money. goldman sachs is a side show. reuben and summers created a system by which rich bankers could steal our money. >> this is the tip of the iceberg. you can catch dylan on financial reform, goldman sachs testimony today. he's on at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. among his guest, connecticut attorney and jim bunning and byron dorgan. >>> president obama's on his way to quincy, illinois to kick off his main street tour. this morning at the white house, he welcomed members of the bipartisan debt commission. >> we're not playing that game. i'm not going say what's in. i'm not going to say what's out. i want this commission to be free to do its work. >> the panel's expected to limit the deficit to $550 billion by 2015 and that would require a deficit savings in the range of $250 billion or more. president obama will also make three stops in iowa today to talk about economic recovery. >>> blockbuster earnings for ford today. they reported 2.1 billion bucks in the first quarter. today's report, big turnaround from
of what cable doesn't. the best channel lineup and more hd. america's top-rated internet. even facebook and twitter on your tv. enjoy a bigger, better entertainment experience. and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you'll pay the same low price year after year. call now and you'll also get a free dvr for 6 months. get it all for just $99.99 a month with a two-year agreement -- a price guaranteed for two years! don't wait. call 1.877.fios.big. that's 1.877.fios.big. this is beyond cable. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities this is fios. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. of >>> thank you so much for joining us. a live picture. something i feel we have not seen in a while. >> we told kitty kelley that richard sher would be here to listen in on the comment. >> we go back. >> we do. >> to the oprah days. >> early 1980s. >> 1981. >> this is what it looked like back then. in 1981. >> was she -- what was she in for? >> two years. she robbed a bank. >> no, i came to "people are talking" to promote a book. richard and oprah came out. they were charming. oprah was really a little
in america, economics is the beginning and the end of most successful political endeavors. let's remember that arizona was the last state to approve a national holiday for martin luther king. and one of the things they did, it cost them hundreds of millions of dollars, when the african-american community across this country called for boycotts. finally, they were 50th, but they did it. they did it because they risked economics in the state of arizona. because, as you have stated, look, when the police intervene with me or with you or with anyone, it should be on the basis of our conduct. our behavior. not the country they suspect we came from and whether or not we were born here or not. that -- i'll tell you something. the criminal element, those human smugglers, the drug dealers, the rapists, those causing so much damage in arizona and across this country, they've got to be happy with this law. because what is going to happen is the eyes, the ears, that the police need so much of the community in general, so that they can combat crime, they're going to cause a division between the people
, and that's the trillions of dollars of damages to working families in america. what happened when the bubble burst more than a year ago? we had a tremendous loss in the value of retirement savings. we had a tremendous loss in the family savings for their children to go to college. we had an enormous drop in employment. we had a tremendous drop in families covered by health care because of the loss of employment. we had damag damage on every paa family's finances, including the value of their home so that millions of american families today owe more on their home than their home is worth. well, quite frankly, mr. president, i don't believe that a system of million-dollar bonuses and billion-dollar profits and trillion dollars of damage to the american working families is a system that we need here in america. indeed, tonight's vote was about whether or not to have a public debate on the rules of the road for wall street, but it was also about whose side are on you. are you on the side of some wall street firms which don't believe that any additional rules of the road are necessary?
here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. in indiana, news cameras captured a firefighter being knocked to the ground by an explosion which ripped his helmet off. the firefighter was attempting to extinguish flames in a minivan when he was hit by the blast. fortunately his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. >>> in mississippi, four men are lucky to be alive after driving directly into the path of this oncoming tornado. one of the passengers captured the raging winds and rain on his cell phone only moments before the gusts flipped the car 30 yards through the air. thankfully, the guys sustained only minor injuries. amazing. >>> a kentucky man is under arrest after leading police on a dangerous chase which was captured by the police car's dash cam. the suspect injured an officer who was attempting to stop the car before spinning out and crashing into a police cruiser. the suspect is being held on several charges. >>> and in new hampshire, one farm is welcoming its tiniest new resident with big smiles. weighing only 6 pounds at birth, the
of bake love bakery we see across the region and you are hear to talk about united cakes of america book and it is just that. >> yes, thank you. united cake of america is my second book and i'm very excited about it. it officially releases in may, that's around the corner. my first book signing locally will be on may first. i'm psyched about it. i love cake. i love talking about cake and sharing recipes. >> and spreading the love. 50 states and puerto rico. >> and district of columbia of course. >> can't forget us, right. >> you have recipes that are based on each cake. >> yes. and they celebrate the folklore, the traditions in each state. sometimes agricultural things that come from each state. we have a sweet potato cake with pecans for louisiana and the king cake of course for louisiana but i like to throw in things that are coming from inside of me. >> what are we doing today? i feel bad. i feel like andrea roane should be doing this interview. she's from louisiana. >> i want to keep it simple for you. i know you want to get in the kitchen and understand more of it. i want you to use
in america, also around the globe, with me, peter dobbie. coming up later for you -- smoke bombs and fistfights. ukrainian lawmakers come to blows over russia's black sea fleet. and forgotten in pakistan. a year after the fighting, we report from one of the biggest camps for the displaced. our news today dominated by three financial stories, all with potentially huge consequences. first the embattled investment bank goldman sachs repeatedly put its own interests ahead of the interests of its clients. that was the start of a stinging attack delivered by u.s. senators. they began grilling several of the bank's executives. goldman sachs is accused of profiting from the housing collapse. the bank denies the allegations. here is our north america editor. >> it is at the click of cameras, not of firing squad. this is the young trader at fabrice tourre, named in charges, accused of secretly -- encouraging others to invest. >> i denied the sec allegations and i will defend myself in court against this false claim. >> senators accused wall street of unbridled greed, contemptuously compari
in terms of the money they're making. this was a great investment by the taxpayer of america into america. what's wrong with investing into a little american -- >> neil: but mayor, it would be like say you're giving money to your kids, two different kids, the one kid paid his brother's loan back with the money from another. you know what i'm saying? nothing was paid back, so to speak. you borrowed from one to the other. the company is stick in who can hock to us. >> no question. i'm not arguing that. the important issue is what are the preinjections, the numbers in the company. overall the company is getting healthier. this was a wise investment that saved millions of jobs. >> neil: mayor, i don't dispute that. you might be right but hasn't paid it back in and out. when we had the inspector general, he put is succinctly. >> one thing people overlook is where he they got the money to pay back the loan. it isn't from earnings. they didn't earn an extra 4 1/2 billion dollars, it's from another pool of tarp money they received. so there was money in escrow. >> neil: so they paid off a credit
between goldman sachs and a client facilitate lending and investing in america, to what judd gregg said. the reason we have wall street is to lend money to large businesses and small businesses and invest money in small businesses and large businesses. and goldman does a great job of that, or did historically. but the legalization of this type of speculation, which is now the bread and butter not only for lloyd blankfein, who is the poster child because the brand is so powerful, merrill lynch, umbrellas, deutsche bank, jpmorgan, this is a huge business model in the country, this type of rampant speculation on whether you can pay your bills. why is that part of our system, which is really where we're headed in these types of hearings and this type of trial. >> let's talk about fabulous fab, a colorful figure. >> i think fabrice at this point is more likely to come out as good as he is bad in this in the sense that i don't think anybody believes fabrice alone could conjure the security he's on trial for today. >> the one individual name. >> that he's the guy. it sounds like he's got a nic
. that everybody in every office building, on every farm and ranch, in every small business in america ought to be asking questions about what has become the new law of the land. i think the attorney general -- the attorneys general of the multiple states in this country, they started asking these questions as the process was going through and as they discovered nightmare after nightmare after nightmare as pertaining to the states, they started getting to be raddled and they started to say -- rattled and they started to say, this can't be. we can't be imposing this kind of will under the commerce claw -- clause. so i think it's important that we look at the 9th and 10th amendment and the commerce clause and i'm going to start off talking about some constitutional law here with my good friend dan burton and we're going to see how we figure this is. i think i've got -- yeah, here we go. i think everybody out there learned in school, we have a constitution and we have amendments to that constitution which is just part of the constitution, just came at a different time. and the amendments have a
america, small businesses, consumers, public safety and cyber security. that is why it is so important that everything that we do has a solid legal foundation. the communications act, i believe, requires the fcc to adopt policies to protect consumers in concerts networks whether they are traditional networks are newer data networks. they assume that the fcc is making sure consumers are protected, competition is promoted, innovation and investment are promoted and it will be completely consistent with the communications act for us to continue to do what the fcc on a bipartisan basis has been doing for quite some time. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> senator nelson. >> thank you, chairman. i would ask that my statement be entered in the record as an opening statement. >> will i have a chance to read it first before i rule on that? >> that is up to you. >> so ordered. >> thank you, mr. chair. >> mr. genachowski, your plan has recommendations to provide the ultra high-speed internet to some select military installations. and, of course, we have quite a bit of military in this state of flor
christmas with a bomb in his underwear. more on good morning america beginning at 7:00 this morning. >> still ahead on good morning washinton, the fight against aids taken outside the city borders. a surprising new study about the growing affection -- infection rates in the suburbs. >> in the south there is the cleanup continuing after the deadly twisters. >> brian van de graaff will have the seven-day forecast and >> people are cleaning up and assessing the damage after the deadly tornadoes that swept through the south. nearly 700 homes were damaged on a weekend. if that is in mississippi alone. 12 people were killed. then in mississippi, two in alabama. if officials are tallying the costs so they can ask for federal emergency declaration. >> good morning. brian van de graaff outside the studio in roslyn. we do have clouds overhead right now. the drizzle is coming to an end. as the morning wears on, we should see more sunshine before the next batch of clouds arrives. let's show you what the temperature is look like. we are in the '50s for the most part. you can see clouds hanging
, america's health crisis. three, dangerous conditions that half of us already have. >>> then, the giant lawsuit looming for walmart, accused of holding a million women back on pay and promotions. >>> and new video just on lawmakers damaging eggs and smoke bombs, earlier this morning. >>> the world's largest retailer, walmart, says it is ready to appeal a long-running discrimination lawsuit to the supreme court. a federal court yesterday cleared the way for the class-action suit to move forward. walmart is charged with paying women less than men to do the same jobs. and with passing over women to in order to promote men. the case was originally filed nine years ago. >> i am absolutely ecstatic about today's ruling. we have worked very hard to get as far as we have. >> and i can't imagine a beinger message being sent to big employers and employers overall. they can be held accountable. the laws apply to them. they are not too big to be held responsible. >> the company says, quote, walmart is an excellent place for women to work. and fosters female leadership among our associates and the l
, that this immigration bill was at the center stage of the political debate in america. but we have so much more going on today that that's not going to even be touched by anybody in washington. >> well, we'll talk about it certainly, but we have a lot of other things to talk about as well. and it's a good thing that mark halperin is with us on this tuesday morning. >> good morning. >> recent immigrant. >> yes, you are. >> to these shores. >> look at halperin. does he get pulled over? >> i don't know. no way. pasty white. >> 35 in a 25-mile-per-hour zone. >> he's got a ruddy complexion. >> yeah. oh, look. >> look, it's the man that reports on the pretty pint-sized pony. >> wasn't that beautiful? >> should we tell him? >> named p ed petunia from pens. >> that was all pete breen. there's snacks on the way. he gets winded and he rests. >> i see. >> so pete's pretty. pony named petunia. >> he loves little ponies. i don't know what it is. he was really pushing me. >> how certain are you that's not a sea monkey? >> i can't confirm that. that's an excellent question. >> so getting back to what's going on on
europe, london and new york. the commissioner said if america doesn'tgram grapple with the debt problem, it won't turn into greece but will have similar problems. the first day the u.s. debt commission meets across the water, greece sees its bond rating reduced to junk bond status and those weigh heavily on the minds of the commissioners who have to decide what to recommend and congress has to decide what to do. >> major garrett at the white house, thank you. >>> new developments in the hot senate race in florida. the frontrunner, marco rubio, takes another step in his campaign. the governor, charles crist, makes a big announcement. carl cameron with the facts in a live report coming up. there were dead spots everywhere. this is the right stuff. ortho weed b gon max. it kills weeds down to the root. even the tough ones like dandelion and crabgrass. but unlike that other stuff, it won't kill the grass. ortho guarantees it. kill the weeds, not the lawn. weeds, not lawn. got it? yea. ortho weed b gon max. defend what's yours. carl cameron is live in the south florida newsrooms. i'm told th
cannot do it without this bill. to do that, we have to restore america's faith in our ability to take strong, corrective action against the bad actors that perpetrated this crisis. yes, this is our moment to act and yet we cannot. the other side of the aisle will not let it happen. derivatives were exempted, as i say, from regulation in the commodities futures modernization act of 2000. that law created massive regulatory loopholes, like the enron loophole, which prohibited the commodities futures trading commission from overseeing electronic exchanges. the london loophole -- allowed for -- the swaps loophole, which allowed for unregulated bilateral trades through brokers, swap dealers and direct party-to-party negotiations. together these loopholes have been responsible for some of our nation's worst economic crises. they must be closed. i first became aware of the problem of unregulated derivatives during the western energy crisis. the year was 1999 when enron traders fleeced californians for approximately $40 billion in artificially inflated electricity and natural gas pric
that maybe we've got an industry that possibly is growing again in america? >> well, clearly, ali, in ford's case, this is a result of all the actions that we put in place three years ago to create an exciting viable profit, growing ford by focusing on a complete family of vehicles from ford and every one will be investment class. see the way the consumers have responded to this new ford lineup and the quality is just fantast fantastic. those are the results we're seeing today. >> you talk about quality. when you and i first talked soon after you took over at ford, quality was an issue, major issue for ford. even though it was part of the tag line for ford, quality was an issue. where are you now with that? >> well, our latest result on both the customer satisfaction portion of quality in addition to the technical aspects of things gone right or wrong, we have just moved into the leadership in the industry and in terms of our quality in the consumers' eyes. so, you know, all of that work, you know, quarter after quarter, is really paying off with the highest quality in the industry today.
international investors will want to invest back here in america, they will trust the integrity of our system. so, colleagues, i encourage all of you, let's come together when we have this next cloture vote and decide that it is time to fight for the people of this country and fight for the economic future of our country by proceeding to the debate of this bill and the passage of this bill and getting it to the president's desk. thank you, mr. president. the presiding officer: the senator fro minnesota. mr. franken: i rise this evening to talk about how we can take a big step towards holding wall street accountable and stopping it from lining its own pockets at the expense of america's families. last month, as part of the health care reconciliation bill, the senate also passed a student loan reform that ended a longtime corporate welfare program. our reforms halted the enormous subsidies that the federal government paid to lenders in the student loan market, replacing it with a program called "direct lending" that slashes $61 billion in costs to the taxpayers by cutting out the
. everybody, fox news alert, it is all your money and it is america's future today, a way to keep the nation's head above water, the kickoff for the president's debt commission happens in minutes, how deep it the hole today? we are more than $12 trillion in debt, that's $41,000 for every american citizen, only two things you can do when you're in debt this badly, stop spending or raise or money or perhaps -- raise more money or perhaps do both. which way will the commission go? we'll find out together on "america's newsroom". >>> that is just one big story. a big day. welcome, everybody, i'm bill hemmer. martha: good morning to you, bill, good morning, everybody, i'm martha mcical up. get ready, folks, a showdown today on capitol hill, lawmakers put goldman sachs in the crosshairs and the big event, lloyd blankfein on the hot seat. goldman is expected to deny they profited from the housing collapse and we'll be watching that very closely today. bill: indeed we will. also the disturbing image of the suspected chris may day body bomber proving the man who tried to detonate a bomb on christmas
with the deficit. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america, also around the globe. i am peter dobbie. coming up later for your -- fistfights he oread ukraine lawmakers come to blows. and forgotten in pakistan. we report from one of the nation's biggest camps for the displaced. the news today is dominated by three big financial stories, all with potentially huge consequences. first, the embattled investment bank goldman sachs repeatedly put its own interests ahead of its clients' interests. that was the start of a stinging attack delivered by u.s. senators as they began grilling several of the bank's executives. goldman sachs is accused of profiting from the recent housing disaster. the bank denies the allegations. from washington, adam brooks now reports. >> goldman sachs is well and truly in at the dock now. the government's charged the firm with fraud for its role in the financial crisis. all eyes were on this man. fabrice tourre, 31-year-old french employee of goldman sachs who called goldman fabulous -- who called himself fabulous fab. day he showed little contrit
that they made money in asia, latin america, and europe. their sales grew 37% for the quarter. >> the devastation and the airline industry after though -- eruption of the icelandic volcano could be as much as $3.3 billion. they said that there might be a case for state aid to support airlines and they have promised a review of how stranded passengers are treated. dominic's use was at the briefing and joins me live from brussels now. dominick, is this a concession to the airlines saying that they will reveal this as state aid? >> i think that there have been howls of protest from the airline, both that they have not been offered state aid until now and that they have had to comply with european union compensation, passengers that were delayed, having their bills paid for and so forth. on the issue of state aid the commissioner responsible for transport said quite clearly that there could be a case for state aid but it would have to be relevant to the crisis. it could not be used to prop up already ailing airlines. and there would have to be a level playing field across the european union. it does
that means they can be reversed. >> reporter: some a person on any street in america and chances are you will find a chronic health problem. >> little high on the cholesterol. >> have high cholesterol, yes. >> reporter: this man has high blood pressure. >> hopefully i can get off this medication. >> reporter: and they have plenty of company. the centers if for disease control has startling data about the state of our health. 45% of americans, almost half of the entire adult population have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes, conditions that are killing us. >> each one of these conditions is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, which is one of the leading causes of death in the u.s. >> reporter: the cause, signs point to america's growing waistline. we are eating too much and exercising too little. the latest statistics show one- third of americans are obese. >> you eat a lot of fast food and you are always on the run and don't make good food choices you could end up in that situation. >> reporter: the study reveals one in seven adults don't know they are dealing with
on people in america is not good news. sandra hughes has the shocking results of a new government survey. >> reporter: stop someone on any street in america and chances are you'll find a chronic health problem. >> a little high on the cholesterol. >> i have high cholesterol, yes. >> reporter: this man has high blood pressure. >> i'm hoping i can get off this medication. >> reporter: they have plenty of company. the centers for disease control has startling new data about the state of our health. 45% of americans, almost half the entire adult population, has high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes. conditions that are killing us. >> each one of these conditions is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, which is one of the leading causes of death in the u.s. >> reporter: even more frightening, the study finds 13% of americans have two of the conditions. and 3% are struggling with all three. the cause? science points to americans' growing waistline. we're eating too much and exercising too little. the latest statistics show that one-third of americans are obese. >> you eat a l
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,253 days ago, 1,253 days ago an agreement was signed between the united states of america and the government of colombia. to open up the market so that we could see jobs created for workers at caterpillar, john deere, whirlpool, other industries right here in the united states. 1,253 days since that measure has been signed. and in that same period of time , we have seen $2,700,000,000 tariffs imposed on products made by workers going to colombia. madam speaker, if we want to create good private sector jobs, we need to unleash the potential, reducing the constraints that have been imposed on u.s. workers. 211 years ago this month the author of the u.s. constitution became a member of congress, james madison. and representative madison on april 9 of 1789 stood in the house of representatives and said the following, he said, i own myself to be a friend of a free system of commerce and hold it as truth that commercial shackles are generally unjust, oppressive, and impolitic. madison went on to say, madam speaker, that this is more true than the wisdom of the most enlightened l
the government. the government is not our father. if we target our money to black america, they will be targeting us. i am asking for a commitment from everybody in radio and television, we have $150,000. in two weeks -- let me say something else, as a bankruptcy attorney, they put us in sub- prime loans. we need to educate the consumers that they have been taken advantage of. we need to make these politicians put money in our black banks. they have taken everything from our community and have not put anything back in it. [applause] >> i want to hear this issue from a small business standpoint. what must we be doing from an individual perspective to help small businesses? >> economic distribution was clearly not equal. if we only got 1% of the stimulus money, the money did not come down. it must be executed correctly and distributed correctly. all politics is local. most of the state of illinois is in a deficit. to give it to them is like, what did you do with that? it did not come. we need the money to come. it needs to go local. it needs to go to the mayors. take it to the aldermen, ticket to t
christopher columbus landing in america. as he knows, it didn't turn out well for the native americans. and that has people talking. >> i guess you believe in aliens, movie and the media portray them as bad. but you don't necessarily know. >> i think we should try to contact them. >> in my opinion, it's too late. >> reporter: his opinion should count. professor fred bruiweiler teaches physics. >> you think of all of the radio transmitters there has been on for some time. if there is a civilization and if they have detectors, if they're within 100 light years from us, they should be able to detect us. >> reporter: paterson she's not scared. >> we need to have more alien friends. i would reach out and extend my hand. friendship, love. >> reporter: there are only two way alien contacts could go. more like et or the way steven hawking describes. he airs his concerns in a documentary. >>> well, thousands of dominoes came toppling down in texas all in an effort to help the children in haiti. >> i tell you what, you guys are causing us -- >> it was all part of a school's annual fundraiser. th
for ford is encouraging news for the economy. america is putting their money where their confidence is. >> clearly, we're on a trajectory for profitable growth. >> big business wants to capitalize. gm has put nearly $900 million into five plants to ensure 1600 jobs. but not all the signs are positive. home prices in 20 big u.s. cities are up, modestly, but still 30% below their 2006 peak. >> the economy is up if we're really lucky, 3%, but it will still take a very long time to make up for all the jobs we lost in the downturn. >> president obama sounded upbeat. it corrects our economy is finally growing again. our markets are climbing, our businesses are beginning to create jobs again. >> but with job growth is still sputtering, he acknowledged there is a lot more work ahead. >> a new list of business surveys suggest employers are feeling better about the economy. many are ready to start hiring again. >> when it comes to the economy and education, most school systems are not hiring teachers, but today, baltimore county opened the doors to hundreds of new teaching jobs. >> every year, b
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. historically in the colonial period, north and south america, we took what we needed. we took australia, or took what we needed from africa. speaking of the way the european community spread out. we never really backed off that model. we take resources we need. we take everything. we don't give enough back. we're crossing over a threshold where the earth is not going to be able to sustain us. >> why do you think business fights concerns about climate, about energy depletion, about the need to find renewables? why do they fight it? the people from the oil patch, oklahoma especially, constantly carping and denying. people like glenn beck making a living by not telling the truth. >> if you make your living in oil and the answer is a different answer, a different solution, and renewable energy like wind or solar or something like that, you'll deny that answer exists or probably going to deny that the problem exists. that's what these kind of professional deniers and skeptics are doing. they're swaying the public dialogue away from this major crisis that's looming. >> the first person i've h
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.2 billion in north america. you compare that with a year ago, that's almost $2 billion better. clearly big news from ford and expected to be solidly profitable for the remainder of the year. >> real quickly, phil, i can't but imagine that toyota's troubles have to factor into this. toyota's loss is ford's gain? >> absolutely. i think there's no doubt that the problems with toyota at least brought people into ford show rooms to look at vehicles. the research has shown for all the american automakers, once you get people into the show room, you've got a good chance of closing the sale. >> phil lebeau, thank you so much. >>> off the coast of louisiana, that massive oil spill may reach land by saturday and crews are working around the clock to stop that. nbc's ron mott is in new orleans this morning. ron, what are they doing to try to stem the tide of this massive oil spill? >> reporter: hey there good morning. you can see the agitated lake pontchartrain behind me. officials off the gulf trying to scoop up all that oil have their work cut out for them today. probably are dealing with six to se
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